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Women's Sunglasses Round Eco Chilli Beans Gradient Blue Black

SKU: OCCL32768301
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Collection: Eco. The first Chilli Beans line made with recycled material from the oceans. Cellular tissue is very inspiring, as is the recycling process that transforms waste into something useful, helping the environment to have a renewed function. With this, Chilli Beans developed an exclusive collection, produced with material collected from the ocean. Women's Eco Cellular Fabric Round Gradient Blue Sunglasses come with lenses with 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays, protecting the eyes from harmful sun rays and reducing the risk of developing eye diseases. With built-in nasal support, textured internal parts of the temples and the inscription Eco on the tips. Cellular Tissue From the point of view of biology, a tissue is a set of specialized cells, which perform a certain function in a multicellular organism and have the extraordinary ability to regenerate. The tide always brings many stories from different places around the world. Some of them should never be told. Pollution in the oceans is not a local problem. It's global. But together we can take action. Knowing that each action is a small drop in the ocean, one by one, we create a great movement. Our designers dedicated more than three years to researching the ideal method to develop the ECO collection. All because we made a point of providing a recycled product with maximum quality, style, and that exceeded all expectations, thus starting the cycle of the ECO line at Chilli Beans. All products were made with material collected from the ocean, mainly from fishing nets. This material is nylon, which served as the raw material base for all glasses in the Eco line.

By Genre Feminine
Lens Material Polycarbonate
Frame Material Polycarbonate
Lens Protection Against UVA / UVB Rays
By Style Round
Frame Color Black
By Collection Echo
Lens Color Blue, Gradient
Lens 5.4 cm.
bridge 1.9 cm.
Stem 14.5 cm.